Vital Conversation Survey RMs Rockwood Rosser Woodlands and Towns of Stonewall and Teulon

As part of the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge, in partnership with Community Foundations of Canada, we had planned to hold a Vital Conversation about empowering youth. Due to the pandemic, we changed our plans and will hold the “conversation” by Survey Monkey. With the help of our facilitator, Tammy Dziadek of Community Futures East Interlake Inc, we will explore questions like “What do we want our community to look like 10 years from now?”  We value everyone’s opinion on… Read More

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Postponement of Schools’ Immunization Program

Please find attached a letter from Manitoba Health. Please also note that the Warren/Stonewall Collegiate Teen Clinic Support Continues During current school closures, if you require support with sexual or reproductive health information, the following two resources are available to you: Nurse Practitioner Andrew Skene, Quarry Ridge Medical Clinic, Stonewall, phone: 204-467-9707 The Public Health Nurse, Stonewall Public Health Office, phone: 204-467-4400.  

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